I was recently asked to find two suitable campers for www.highlandclassiccampers.com
These are great RHD Westfalias and are now available for hire in the Scottish Highlands,
Vehicles found to suit your lifestyle
Happy new owner Tim Wilkins  wilksseven@o2.co.uk
2 vans for the Lake District cooperwitsend@btinternet.com
‘Olive’ & ‘Rosie’ found for www.highlandclassiccampers.com
1972 Danbury driven to Scotland after a major rebuild.
Satisfied customers Heidi
and Roly on their first trip
Solid ’71 German Westfalia  design@simonpriestley.co.uk
First trip to deepest Ireland
in ‘Gilbert’ (Karen Drever)
Looking good outside, but remedial work required
Glastonbury 2007 in ‘Lola’
French import, rust free, interior needs finishing
Incredible 2 owner Devon lurking in SE9
T25 1600 TD Californian sourced for European tour
One of the best LHD early Bays (Angela Skinner)
Rust free import, fuel injection
Type 4 engine
LHD is fun - try it. You can see over most other vehicles!
Expertly restored ’76 after being a wreck
Very good restored interior
Amazing, original ’76 Devon
5 berth Viking found and prepared for Scotland
Cosy Australian interior
Australian vans often need cosmetic work; usually solid.