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Each VW Camper is unique and widely different in character, condition and driving characteristics and each buyer and seller’s expectations are subjective. I do all I possibly can for each individual requirement, vehicle and situation, but as these old vehicles are so varied it is not possible for me to guarantee any aspect of any vehicle I inspect or work on will be exactly how you want or expect it to be for any purpose or imagined value, so no warranty, liability or refund is implied or available for any reason at any stage. There are some aspects and fittings of a vehicle that cannot be fully tested during a test-drive or inspection depending on each vehicle and situation. I am not a qualified electrician or gas fitter so cannot give any safety certificates. Any search or inspection requires a 100% advance payment. Any vehicle delivery requires 100% advance payment. Any remedial work requires an 80% payment at the start to cover parts and labour outlay, balance payable on collection/delivery. All vehicles I work with and inspect are ‘sold as seen’ with no liability, warranty or refund for any reason or in any situation. 
At the start of any work, please send me a signed copy of this page to state you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions which will also cover any work I do for any vehicle. I will supply forwarding address and bank details for payment. I will need your email address and mobile number to ensure quick and easy communication at all times, as speedy communication and decisions are often required to secure a vehicle.
Any vehicle can develop faults at any time without warning, so I clearly state that I offer no legally binding guarantees or certainties as to the condition, suitability, safety, value or reliability of a vehicle I find, inspect or work on. In the unlikely event of you not being happy with the service or any aspect of a vehicle, I cannot be liable or provide any refunds, neither for any loss, injury or loss of income. The £700 search fee has been calculated from an average figure to cover any length of search, so I am unable to provide a refund if I find a vehicle in a short time, or if you buy a vehicle that you find after asking me to search, or if you change your mind after paying for any of these services. Timescales for finding a suitable vehicle vary enormously due to the availability of possible vehicles on the market at any time at the right price, so I need to allow around 3 months for a search, but sometimes it will take longer, so a fixed search deadline is not possible.  

I ask you for a list of essential requirements by email, listen very carefully to your specific needs then search accordingly. With over 35 years experience working with and driving all types of air-cooled Volkswagens and Porsches, I have many trusted contacts and work with many suppliers in the worldwide VW community - I also have experience of the ones to avoid. 
For vehicles found in the UK, I charge a non-refundable advance fee of £700 (no vat) which covers my time and mainland UK travel to any suitable vehicles and realistic price negotiation with the seller on your behalf. I gather as much information by asking the right questions to the seller and checking on-line pictures first before wasting a visit. Once I find something suitable, I send you an email with picture(s) of the vehicle before going to look at it. If you like the look of it, I visit and do a full inspection and test drive then send you new pictures and a vehicle report via email. If you want to proceed with the purchase, I negotiate the best possible price for you with the seller. 
Then I put you in touch with the seller to discuss and send the deposit/payment for the vehicle and collection/delivery arrangements. Once you have paid the seller for the vehicle, that is the conclusion of my search (or inspection) service and any further assistance is chargeable. I can deliver the vehicle personally at an extra cost dependent on the vehicle being road legal/location/agreed insurance cover/return train fares and your deadline. 
If I find a suitable vehicle for you overseas, there will be additional charges to cover further expenses incurred in viewing/shipping/import/registration/UK MOT/delivery. Obviously these costs vary depending on timescales and where the vehicle is located, but all costs are confirmed clearly before you proceed.
If you require more than one vehicle, the fee for any subsequent vehicle is £625 at the start of a multiple search. No refunds are available after you have paid to proceed with any search. 

If you have found a vehicle you like and want it inspected, I do a thorough visual survey outside, inside and underneath, plus a test-drive over as long a distance as possible in each case. This is not a ‘tick-box’ assessment but an experienced evaluation of the full characteristics of an old Volkswagen or Porsche. I send an emailed report as soon as possible after my return, with pictures taken on the day and a current market valuation. This costs £100 plus travel at 75p per mile, one way from Ringwood, Hampshire plus any toll charges. Inspections are usually possible at short notice any time on weekdays and are sometimes possible at weekends in mainland UK with at least 3 days advance notice - please ask. If asked to inspect a vehicle advertised on ebay that sells before I arrive, the travel cost cannot be refunded but the £100 inspection cost will be.

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